Officer Support Mailing – January 2018

John Boyle
For attention of:
9th January 2018
Last updated:
23rd January 2018
27th September 2020
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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Officer Support Mailing of 2018.

The Officer Support Mailing is a summary of important information, events and actions that local activists need to know and do. We know that not everyone reads it so please check with the other officers in your branch, party council or region to ensure that this information is seen and shared by everyone who needs to act on it.

Things to do..

Council elections
Sexual Harassment Policy
Co-operative Party Regional Conferences
Rule Book review
Parliamentary Selections
Co-operative Societies Matter
Policy Process 2018
The Co-operative Party online shop
Action Points
For more information

If you have a question or query about any aspect of this mailing, get in touch with Party Support Officer John Boyle

John Boyle

Party Support and Principle Six Officer