Reporting donations (including Society grants)

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4th October 2021
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4th October 2021
16th May 2022
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Please send details of grants and donations your party or branch has received this quarter - deadline Friday 16 July.

All Political Parties, including the Co-operative Party, must report any donations received to the Electoral Commission at the end of each quarter.  This includes grants from the Society, unless your grant has come via Head Office (for example, Co-operative Group Parties), and also donations ‘in kind’, e.g. free or cheap use of meeting rooms.

If your Party Council or Branch has received any donations over £500 during  this quarter (1 July-30 September), please make sure that you notify Emma Foody by Friday 16 October.  We need to know the date the donation was received, recipient (i.e. which Party or branch), donor and amount.

Remember – if you receive a donation of £500 or more other than from your Society you must always let us know straight away – don’t wait for the end of the quarter.  This is because we need to check that the donor is permissible.

See the link to further guidance from the Electoral Commission and please contact Emma if you are not sure what you need to do.

Action Points
  • Quarterly donations returns
    Send us details of grants and donations received by Friday 16 October.
  • Let us know if your Party Council Treasurer or Secretary changes
    All Party Council Treasurers and Secretaries are registered with the Electoral Commission. If these change, remember to let us know straight away so that we can notify them.
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Emma Foody