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Join our series of virtual events from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Say hello to Co-operation Live: every week you can tune in on zoom to chat about a wide range of topics – from food justice to fair trade – with expert speakers including MPs, councillors, community leaders and co-operative activists..

As well as our weekly Midweek Meetup for members, as part of Co-operation Live we'll also be holding weekly Councillors' Calls – plus special one-off events for members, party officers and more. Keep checking back here as we continuously update our schedule.

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Join us every Wednesday for a discussion about the functions of the Co-operative Party, it's policy, politics and community action.

We will be exploring the co-operative movement and their response to coronavirus, as well as ways you can get involved and our aspirations for how we rebuild a fairer economy after this lockdown ends.

Open to all members.

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Our Co-operative MPs, Peers, MSPs, AMs, Mayors and Councillors are bringing co-operation to decision-making tables across the UK. Hear more from them in our Q&As, meetups and masterclasses.

Our elected representatives are putting co-operation into practice up and down the country. Join our Represent! calls to hear more about what Co-op representatives are achieving in their communities.

Open to all.

Wednesday 15 June, 6pm

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Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

Guest speakers tbc

Pride is built on the core values of visibility, unity and equality and, is more popular than ever, uniting LGBTQ+ communities across the globe in a colourful celebration of positivity, solidarity and inclusivity.

To celebrate 50 years since the first Pride in 1972, the Co-operative Party welcomes all our members to this zoom event as we reflect on what the movement has achieved and ask what still needs to change for LGBTQ+ people, today and in future. With invited guest speakers and facilitated by Ashley Halstead (chair of the LGBTQ+ Co-operators Network).

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Co-operation Live event?

Past events...

Fair Tax Briefing

With James Murray MP and Mary Patel

Co-operative Party members are invited to join this Zoom event for a briefing on Fair Tax Week as we exploring the positive contribution corporation tax makes to society, how it plays a crucial role in holding the whole tax system together by countering financial inequalities.  We’ll highlight those companies and organisations that are proud to promote responsible tax conduct and pay their fair share of corporation tax by doing the right thing.

With James Murray MP – Shadow Financial Secretary (Treasury)-  and Mary Patel of the Fair Tax Foundation.

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BEE THE CHANGE: Women building a society where power and wealth are shared

Hear from members of the Co-operative Party Women’s Network on this Zoom call as they discuss how women can build a society where power and wealth are shared.

‘Bee the change’ will focus on what stops women becoming representatives within society and how has this changed over time?  With invited guest speakers representing the Parliamentary Co-op Party and the co-operative movement.

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An Economy based on Wellbeing Towns

With Nic Marks - Happy Planet Index; Daniel Button - New Economics Foundation and Karen Wilkie - Co-op Party

Across the globe a growing movement is challenging current measures of economic success driven by wealth and power to that of health and wellbeing by urging business to provide dignified lives for their employees, which meet social needs and contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

To highlight this year’s “International Day of Happiness”, hear from Nic Marks – Founder and CEO of Friday Pulse - on the Happy Planet Index,  Daniel Button - New Economics Foundation - on wellbeing budgets and basing government policy on a wider range of outcomes ; and Karen Wilkie - Dept General Secretary, the Co-op Party.

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Trans Day of Visibility

With Aleks George (he/they); Patricia Wood (she/her) and other tbc,

Trans Day of Visibility takes place on March 31st each year to celebrate trans and non-binary people and raise awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide.

Co-operative Party members are invited to join this online Zoom event as our speakers discuss the positive aspects of what being transgender means and what action should be taken to work towards changing the biases of people who don’t understand transgender. Speakers include: Aleks George (he/they), Co-Chair of King’s College Labour Society and Patricia Wood (she/her), Co-operative Cllr and member of the LGBTQ+ Committee.

Facilitated by chair of Co-operative Party LGBTQ+ Network Kira Lewis (they/them).

This event will be live captioned, so subtitles are available if required.

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LGBTQ+ Community and Housing

With Andrea Jones, Helen Dixon & Kira Lewis
In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, this Co-operation Live! Event examines co-operative housing.  Joined by members of our LGBTQ+ Network and LGBTQ+ Housing co-ops including Andrea Jones (treasurer of SeaCity Housing co-op) and Helen Dixon (Member of SeaCity LGBT+ Housing co-op), we discuss how housing co-ops may provide some of the solutions to the housing barriers faced by the LGBTQ+ Community.
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Covid-19 Mental Health

With Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP
Hear from Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, as she discusses the impact of Covid-19 on mental health and well being.
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Hopeful Towns

With Chris Clarke (Hope not Hate); Cllr Emily Darlington, Cllr Rob James and Cllr Candidate Tina Bhartwas

Hear from Chris Clarke of campaigning group Hope Not Hate, as he discusses their Hopeful Towns initiative to help towns across England and Wales to fulfil their potential.

Joined by Cllr Emily Darlington (Cabinet member for the Public Realm on Milton Keynes Council), Cllr Rob James (Leader of the Labour Group, Carmarthenshire County Council) and Tina Bhartwas (Labour & Co-operative Candidate for Letchworth North), we reflect on policies which champion the value of towns, and stress that every town matters, ensuring that everyone can access opportunities and feel in control of their own lives by addressing the root causes of hate and stopping divisive narratives from taking hold.

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Impact of Covid-19 on childcare settings

With Sally Bonner, Chief Operating Officer, Co-op Childcare group and Fleur Anderson, MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields 

Hear more on the ongoing effects that covid has had on nursery and childcare provision. We discuss how we keep staff and children safe as well as the short and long-term financial implications of keeping these critical businesses running whilst take-up is much reduced.

This facilitated Q&A will be close captioned for those with hearing loss.

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Air pollution

With Geraint Davies MP and Jemima Hartshorn, Mums4Lungs 

Hear from Geraint Davies MP and Jemima Hartshorn of campaigning group Mums4Lungs as they discuss the health and environmental impact of air pollution as well as the amendment to Tuesday's Environment Bill calling for legally binding WHO air quality limits, enforceable from 2021, to save thousands of children’s lives.

This facilitated Q&A will be close captioned for those with hearing loss.

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A new economy : How can co-operative mayors shape a different recovery

The Co-operative Party's fringe event at Labour's Local Government Conference
Hear from:
Jim McMahon MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport and Chair of the Co-operative Party (chair) 
Tracy Brabin MP, Labour & Co-operative candidate for Mayor of West Yorkshire
Liam Byrne MP, Labour & Co-operative candidate for Mayor of West Midlands
Miatta Fahnbulleh, Chief Executive of New Economics Foundation

This facilitated Q&A will be close captioned for those with hearing loss.

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Lessons from the pandemic

With Cllr Dan Thorpe (Leader, Greenwich), Cllr Arooj Shah (Cabinet Member for COVID-19 Recovery, Oldham), Cllr Vince Maple (Leader Lab& Co-op group, Medway) & Cllr Salma Mumtaz (Nottingham)

Dial into this Zoom call to hear from Labour & Co-op Council leaders and other Covid-19 heros on what they have learnt as co-operators from the last lockdowns, and what is need to be done to tackle this one. We share good practice from across the UK as well as highlight some of the critical issues that we face over the coming months.

Invited speakers include Labour & Co-op Council leaders who will talk about their council’s approach and as well as inspiring stories from Covid-19 heros involved in grassroots work in their communities.

This facilitated Q&A will be close captioned for those with hearing loss.

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Time to Invest in the North?

Members are invited to dial into this Zoom call to hear from Jamie Driscoll, Mayor of North Tyne and Kim McGuiness, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, on why we need investment in the north, the economic plan for recovery in North of Tyne, the need for an integrated approach to health and policing and why being a Labour & Co-operative really matters.

This will take the form of a facilitated Q&A.

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Grief, loss and the impact of COVID-19

This zoom call marks National Grief Awareness Week, an annual event which looks to raise awareness of loss and grief that people are experiencing.

Throughout the ongoing pandemic the co-operative movement has been vital in addressing the loss many have suffered, and has taken a leading role in providing further support with the Co-operative Party active in addressing the many mental health difficulties associated with this pandemic, including grief and bereavement and the impact on wellbeing including its call for a ‘Roadmap to Dignity in Bereavement  to provide greater support to those experiencing grief.

Hear from speakers Carolyn Harris MP on how she successfully campaigned to create a Children's Funeral Fund supporting bereaved parents and Linda Magistris, the CEO and Founder of the Good Grief Trust who provide support, advice and guidance.

This will take the form of a facilitated Q&A.

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International Trade & Brexit 

Members are invited to dial into this Zoom call to hear from members of the Shadow International Trade team Bill Esterson MP and Sir Mark Hendrick MP as well as Rosa Crawford, TUC Trade Policy Advisor on the international trade deals being made as Britain exits the EU. As Brexit talks continue we discuss what the shadow Department for International Trade team are doing to ensure deals are negotiated fit for a post-COVID world and how they affect every aspect of society from the public services to online privacy, from climate action to food standards.

This will take the form of a facilitated Q&A.

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Launch of the Co-operative Party's Food Justice Finder

With speakers: Councillor Nick Forbes CBE, Leader of Newcastle City Council and Leader of the Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group, and other guests.

We know that councils with Food Champions and Food Partnerships are better placed to fight food poverty at a local level. The Co-operative Party launches it's Food Justice Finder, so you can search to find out whether your local council has taken these crucial steps towards food justice.

Local councils are working on multiple fronts to fight food poverty, from providing free school meals to supporting food banks. This tool helps ensure that work is getting the publicity and support from the local community that it needs and deserves

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(dis)Ability Network: Invisible Disabilities 

To highlight the International Day for People with Disabilities, the Co-operative Party's (dis)Ability network is hosting an online Zoom event focusing on this year's theme that ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’.

Guest speakers have been invited by the (dis)Ability Network to discuss raising awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, with examples of co-operative solutions that are making a real differences to lives.

This will take the form of a facilitated panel discussion and Q&A followed the chance to virtually meet up with other each and raise the issues you feel the Network needs focus on with the recently elected Steering Committee.

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Sustainable Communities 

Members are invited to dial into this Zoom call as we hear from Barry Sheerman MP; Cllr Clare Penny Evans - Cabinet lead for Climate Change & Communities and vice-Chair of Climate Committee, Newcastle City Council; Chris Shaw - Huddersfield Sustainable Town; and Cllr Johnson Situ - Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Planning and Transport, Southwark Council on how a sense of community and environmental awareness can transform towns across the UK with collective commitments to reducing environmental impact leading to a more sustainable future.

There are economic, social and environmental aspects to urban living, including a reduced average carbon footprint, the freeing up of countryside for nature and agriculture, and the creative benefits of people working within a short distance of each other.

This will be a facilitated Q&A session.

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What is Unconscious Bias?

With speaker Owen Jones, Hope Not Hate

As the Co-operative Party highlights Black History Month, members hear from Owen Jones of campaigning group Hope Not Hate as he discusses how historical racism bears on systemic discrimination today and why unconscious bias is real and needs to be addressed and tackled.

Wales Branding

Welsh Labour Together

Fringe event: Owning the Future - A Co-operative Agenda for Wales

Hear from the Wales Co-operative Party and Wales Co-operative Centre to shape the post-Covid Welsh economy in everyone's interests.  With speakers: 

  • Chair: Vikki Howells MS, Chair of the Senedd Co-operatives & Mutuals Cross Party Group.
  • Huw Irranca-Davies MS, Chair of the Co-operative Senedd Group.
  • Derek Walker, Chief Executive, Wales Co-operative Centre.
  • Merthyr Valleys Homes, Wales first tenant & employee housing mutual.
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Inspiring BAME Co-operators

With speakers representing our NAME Labour & Co-operative Councillors

As the Co-operative Party highlights Black History Month, members hear from Cllr Abi Marshall Katung (Leeds), Cllr James Beckles (Newham), Cllr Marianna Masters (Lambeth) and Siji Adeoye (Medway) as they discuss why they got into local politics and what the Labour & Co-operative difference means to them.

This call celebrates the work of our elected representatives, showcasing the achievements of our BAME politicians and explore how we can improve diversity in politics and tackle discrimination.

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Covid-19 & Mental Health

With Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP 

Hear from Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, as she discusses the impact of Covid-19 on mental health and well being.

This facilitated Q&A will be close captioned for those with hearing loss.

Owning the Future: a co-operative plan for recovery

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A New Co-operative Economic Plan

Hear from Anneliese Dodds MP - Shadow Chancellor - as she addresses how the economy can rebuild co-operatively following the COVID-19 crisis and the proposals outlined in the Co-op Party's new report, Owning The Future, on how we can rebuild the economy post-Covid.  Followed by a facilitated Q & A.

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A Co-operative Green New Deal

Co-operative ownership should be at the heart of tackling the climate crisis, with common democratic ownership embedded in the green technologies of the future. Hear a discussion with Dr Alan Whitehead MP for Southampton Test & Shadow Minister (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

Wales Branding

Co-operation and the Welsh Government Economic Plan

Hear from the Rt. Hon. First Minister Mark Drakeford MS on the co-operative programme for economic recovery across Wales following the COVID-19 crisis.  Other Co-operative Members of the Senedd will summarise it's impact on their roles as well as provide updates on the ongoing work of the Wales Co-operative Party. Followed by a facilitated Q & A.

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An Alternative Financial Services sector

Hear more about accessible and affordable banking, and building societies which exist to provide a service for their members rather than create wealth for external shareholders.  With Karen Hurst (Policy Officer ABCUL) Lauren Langton (CEO Northumberland Community Bank), Jo Moscrop (No1 CopperPot Credit Union) and Ben West (Head of Business Development at London Mutual Credit Union).

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Regional co-operative development

with Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne MP, Ian Wilson and Cllr Emma Hoddinott

Hear more detail on regional plans to further promote co-operative enterprise, initiatives to support the co-operative sector to thrive and grow as well as helping new co-ops to start up. 

Scotland Branding

Co-operation and the Scottish Parliament 

with Richard Leonard MSP and guest speakers

Hear from Richard Leonard MSP, the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party on his co-operative programme for economic recovery across Scotland following the COVID-19 crisis. Other Labour & Co-operative Members of the Scottish Parliament will summarise it's impact on their roles as well as provide updates on the ongoing work of the Scottish Co-operative Party.  Followed by a facilitated Q & A.

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Fairer taxation and good corporate governance

Hear from Dan Carden MP – Shadow Financial Secretary (Treasury), Louise Eldridge - CORE coalition and Paul Monaghan - Fairtax Mark as they discuss good corporate governance and fairer ways of taxation.  This will be followed by a facilitated Q & A.

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Owning the Future: Co-operation and the tech sector

As part of Co-ops Fortnight's #KeepCooperating, hear inspiring stories of how the co-operative model is working for 'newer-style' co-operatives in the tech sector.   Followed by a facilitated Q&A with Polly Robbins (Outlandish), Stephen Gill (VME Retail) and Chris Lowis (Go Free Range).

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Owning the Future: a Place-Based Economy

Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz - Mayor of Newham and Cllr Joe Cullinane - Leader of North Ayrshire - discuss UK-wide policies for regional growth coming out of lockdown by promoting regeneration and community wealth building, as highlighted in the Co-operative Party's #OwningTheFuture report

Our current campaigning & responses to Covid-19:

Action on Food

With speakers Jane Middleton, Cllr Chris Kennedy & Cllr Jack Abbott

Representatives from the Labour Hunger Campaign and councillors from Hackney and Suffolk discuss how they’re campaigning to tackle food insecurity, the importance of food poverty action plans and how they are helping to deliver food justice in communities across the UK.

Protecting retail workers

with Daniel Johnson MSP and Robert Killin, USDAW

On Thursday 22 Sept, Daniel Johnson MSP's Bill was debated in the Scottish Parliament.
Join with Daniel as he discuss the Bill, plus hear from Robert Killin, USDAW organiser, as he shares his experiences and how the need to protect retail workers is now more vital than ever.

Ceasing modern slavery in supply chains

With speaker Damien Egan, Labour & Co-operative Mayor of Lewisham

The Government have recently agreed to extend the Modern Slavery Act to cover all public bodies. Hear more about the Co-operative Party's Modern Slavery Charter sought to eradicate slavery and the 100 pioneering Councils who signed this commitment. When these legislative changes come through, all public bodies – including the NHS and MOD - will have to prepare and publish a slavery and human trafficking statement.
Members are invited to join the zoom call to hear more from Damien Egan, Labour & Co-operative Mayor of Lewisham and Cllr Emma Hoddinott, Local Government Officer

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New Economics of Covid-19

with Miatta Fahnbulleh, Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation.

Hear how NEF is fighting for everyone to be supported through the immediate Covid-19 crisis. As well as their longer term plan of work on a recovery plan to provide us all with access to things we really need such as quality housing, healthcare and social care – and the long-term crisis of climate change. She will speak about what the role and scope for the co-operative economy is within this.

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Supporting Fairtrade

Hear from Stephen Doughty MP Shadow Minister for Africa and International Development and David Taylor Policy Officer Fairtrade Foundation as they discuss the need to champion fairtrade values and principles, in this period of international crisis, by tackling global inequality and poverty.  This will be followed by a facilitated Q&A

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#Not Part of the Job: Safeguarding Retail Workers

Hear from Paddy Lillis, General Secretary of USDAW as he highlights the need to protect retail workers further, Claire Saunders - Co-op Group Store Manager - sharing her recent experiences of working in-store,  with Daniel Johnson MSP and Alex Norris MP giving updates on their campaigning Bills in Holyrood and Westminster to give legal protection to shop workers.

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Far from a great equaliser, coronavirus thrives on inequality. And Britain’s unequal system gives the virus an environment in which is can thrive and wreak havoc.

Members are invited to dial into a Zoom call and hear from Florence Eshalomi MP, Greg Beales (Director of Communications, Policy & Campaigns at Shelter) and other guest speakers on the socio economic impact on low pay, structural racism, health and housing. 

This will be followed by a facilitated Q & A.

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DEFRA update

Hear from Luke Pollard MP, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, as he explains DEFRA's approach to COVID-19, addressing issues such as food distribution and free school meals.

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Sustainable Travel

Hear from Cllr Tom Hayes (Dpt. Leader Oxford City Council), Cllr Liam Robinson (Chair - Transport Committee, Liverpool City Council) and Tim Burns (Policy Officer for Sustrans, the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle) - as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on travel and how we can be more sustainable in the future.

This will be followed by a Q&A.

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Work & Welfare Provisions

Hear from Jonathan Reynolds MP, Secretary Secretary of State for Work & Pensions. Given the huge strain the current crisis has placed on work and welfare provisions, this is the opportunity to hear about the immediate work the Shadow DWP team are doing to mitigate the impacts and priorities for social security coming out of the other side.

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Wales: Lessons from a Co-operative Nation

Hear from Derek Walker, Chief Executive of the Wales Co-op Centre and Adrian Roper, Chief Executive of the social care co-operative Cartrefi Cymru, about the approach the Welsh Government is taking to support local co-ops through these critical months and to share their thoughts on how we rebuild better, in a more fairer way, coming out of the other side.

Food Justice

Hear from Clara Widdison of the Mayors Fund for London and Kitchen Social to hear more on how local community groups in seven London boroughs provide healthy meals and a range of social development activities for disadvantaged during the holidays and their community response to the current coronavirus crisis.

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with Preet Gill MP and Alice Lucas, Fairtrade Foundation

Hear from Preet Gill MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, and Alice Lucas, Policy and Advocacy Manager of the Fairtrade Foundation

They will address the impact of COVID-19 on the Fairtrade Foundation and their partner organisations.

This will be followed by a Q&A.

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Safer workplaces & the job retention scheme

with Seema Malhotra MP and Kate Dearden, Community The Union

Hear from Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Minster for Work & Pensions (Employment), and Kate Dearden, Head of Policy at Community the Union, as they focus on what's next for the Government's job retention scheme and how employees can safely return to their workplaces.

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Listing Assets of Community Value

with Alex Sobel MP (Shadow Minister for Tourism and Heritage)

Watch our masterclass with Alex Sobel MP on how to list an Asset of Community Value, key to our new Love It? List It! campaign. We may be in lockdown, but we still love what makes our towns and neighbourhoods unique. Join Alex and our Campaigns Officer, James Butler, to learn how we can actively campaign from our homes to help communities take the first step to protect places like parks, pubs and post offices from disappearing once we come out of lockdown.

Co-op Party Policy discussion

Supporting community businesses

Harriet English from the Plunkett Foundation addresses the impact of COVID-19 on rural communities and how the Plunkett Foundation is tackling issues such as isolation, wellbeing, loneliness and supporting vulnerable people. Hear also encouraging stories from how businesses are adapting and responding to the challenges as well as plans for support packages and legislative change.

Connecting communities with community transport

with Bill Freeman, Chief Executive Officer of the Community Transport Association and Matt Rodda MP, Shadow Minster for Transport (Buses).

Across the country, co-operative, social enterprise and other forms of not-for-profit bus operators are proving that it’s possible to run transport services that are affordable and responsive to the needs of local people. As the Co-operative Party consults on it's policy in this area, we will address the impact of COVID-19 on community transport operators and the effect of access to work and education, tackling social exclusion and loneliness.

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Connecting communties with broadband

with Graham Mitchell @ Platform 6 and Digital Life Collective

As the Party continues its policy consultations with members by digital organising, hear from Graham Mitchell on the steps being taken to increase access to broadband in rural communities and tackle digital exclusion – more pertinent than ever - in this uncertain time of social distancing.