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Leading the way on fair tax

The scandal of corporate tax avoidance is now a key issue for consumers. And with the launch of the Fair Tax Mark, Co-operatives are leading the way.

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Guardian – employees do better with co-ops

A week ago, the Guardian ran a special supplement on social enterprise, with a cover story of 'Cooperatives pay big dividends'. The article looks at how worker co-ops and employee-owned firms are able to perform better and weather rough times.

February 2007

Call for more CoCo nuts

John Spedan Lewis was a pioneer. He decided that the best thing for his company and his staff was to give the company to them, back in 1950. The John Lewis Partnership now has 65,000 partners, 26 department stores and almost 200 supermarkets and is part of an organisation advocating its model of employee ownership to politicians and the public.