There is also a Spring Statement today…

Our economy needs a radical overhaul to shake us out of stalled growth and our Brexit malaise - but today's Spring Statement looks unlikely to propose anything that will genuinely tackle low wages and poor productivity.

Doubling the size of the co‑operative sector in our countryside

In this week's committee debate on the Government's Agriculture Bill, I argued that more co-operatives would deliver a fairer and more resilient sector which works for farmers. Our proposed amendment would provide agricultural co-operatives with the funding, support and protection they need to thrive.

Co-operative councillors can begin delivering Labour’s co-operative vision right now.

In power across the country, co-operative councillors are showing that even in the toughest of circumstances, it's possible to begin implementing the polices, ideas and models that will one day deliver a Labour & Co-operative government all the way to Downing Street.

Why ownership matters

New ideas on economic policy are being applied in a practical way in Scotland, with a Labour Leadership which understands that ownership matters.