Beyond Food Banks – Campaigning on Food Justice

There are simple steps that we can do individually and at a local government level to make a difference, and campaign for food justice. This document details what those steps are.

Safer Stronger Communities

Read our current thoughts on what a co-operative agenda for community safety looks like for Councillors and Police and Crime Commissioners.

Ownership Matters

Democratic Public Ownership for the 21st Century

6 Steps to Build Community Wealth

Using what we already have to generate local economic growth co-operatively

thumbnail of for-us-by-us-final-web
By us, for us

A co-operative agenda for enhanced city and county regions

Credit Unions and Local Government

A practical guide to working in partnership

Taking Care

A Co-operative Vision for Social Care in England

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The Next Generation

Supporting a revolution in community owned renewable energy

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Co-operative Capital

Creating a city that works for Londoners

Co-operatives on campus

A mutual approach to students' unions

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New Foundations

Unlocking the potential for affordable homes

thumbnail of Scotrail- A People’s Railway for Scotland FINAL

A People's Railway for Scotland

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Rail Cymru

A People's Railway for Wales

thumbnail of Collective-Power-pamphlet-low-res
Collective Power

Changing the way we consume energy

The People’s Industry

A statement on social ownership by the National Committee of the Co-operative Party, published in 1952