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Unleashing Community Ownership

A report by the Community Ownership Commission, published with support from the Co-operative Party.

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Diverse Councils Declaration Briefing

Our guide to helping Councils adopt the Co-operative Party's Diverse Councils Declaration.

Steps to Success: Lessons from Co-operatives in Education

A new report which explores what we can learn from the co-operatives in the sector, and how we can take steps towards early years, education and apprenticeship systems which put accountability, democracy and affordability at their heart.

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Community Power

Community Power is co-operative politics. It is a hopeful, radical and above all deeply practical belief that change can and should happen from the bottom up. That when ordinary people have a say and own a stake in their future, extraordinary things happen. And that to make this happen we have to upend the power imbalances that characterise Britain, to create a new settlement where communities are empowered to lead.