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LEPs must do more to support co-ops

Jim Dobbin MP today called for an overhaul of the support given to community co-ops, highlighting their key role in the regional economic recovery.

11 March 2014

Tributes to Hollis Smallman

The Party and Co-operative movement have lost a champion, a great believer in social justice, and above all, a very nice man.


Leading the way on fair tax

The scandal of corporate tax avoidance is now a key issue for consumers. And with the launch of the Fair Tax Mark, Co-operatives are leading the way.

28 February 2014

Tributes to Lord Bilston

Figures across the Party have been paying tribute to Dennis Turner, Lord Bilston, whose death was announced on Wednesday.

26 February 2014

Getting Added Value for the Public Purse

In Scotland, we're fighting to make sure that taxpayer's money delivers the maximum benefit for local communities and workers.

25 February 2014

A Co-operative Vision for Wales

Today's report sets out a bold vision for a Wales where Wales co-operative ways of doing business are the norm, not the exception.

21 February 2014

Should co-operatives have a political voice? Have your say.

As the Co-operative Group asks for the views of the public, it's important that the political role of the co-operative movement isn't lost.

18 February 2014

Our growing movement

The co-operative sector in Leeds is booming - as my afternoon spent visiting them with Karin Christiansen showed

6 February 2014

Big Energy Saving Week

After a successful Big Energy Saving Week, still more needs to be done to keep energy bills under control.

31 January 2014

Government policy undermining energy saving

Government policy has driven SME businesses onto the rocks, while the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers sail serenely on.

27 January 2014

Foundation Hospitals – 10 years on

Foundation hospitals were a radical step when introduced - but 10 years on, more work needs to be done to make them truly owned by their members.

27 January 2014

Co-operation can drive innovation

Developing economies are showing that co-operation can play a key role in technological and economic innovation

22 January 2014
Close up of UK train ticket on top of banknotes 2008. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Consumers need a single consumer champion

The Government's announcement on 'super complaints' is welcome, but consumers need it to go much further


Kezia Dugdale highlights dangers of debt this Christmas

Co-operative Party MSP joined by Santa and the Citizens Advice Bureau at debate on regulation of payday lenders

19 December 2013

A People’s Railway for Scotland

The Co-operative Party calls for the creation of a 'People's Railway', owned by and for the people of Scotland