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Tributes to Lord Bilston

Figures across the Party have been paying tribute to Dennis Turner, Lord Bilston, whose death was announced on Wednesday.

| | 26 February 2014

Getting Added Value for the Public Purse

In Scotland, we're fighting to make sure that taxpayer's money delivers the maximum benefit for local communities and workers.

| | 25 February 2014

A Co-operative Vision for Wales

Today's report sets out a bold vision for a Wales where Wales co-operative ways of doing business are the norm, not the exception.

| | 21 February 2014

Should co-operatives have a political voice? Have your say.

As the Co-operative Group asks for the views of the public, it's important that the political role of the co-operative movement isn't lost.

| | 18 February 2014

Our growing movement

The co-operative sector in Leeds is booming - as my afternoon spent visiting them with Karin Christiansen showed

| | 6 February 2014

Big Energy Saving Week

After a successful Big Energy Saving Week, still more needs to be done to keep energy bills under control.

| | 31 January 2014

Government policy undermining energy saving

Government policy has driven SME businesses onto the rocks, while the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers sail serenely on.

| | 27 January 2014

Foundation Hospitals – 10 years on

Foundation hospitals were a radical step when introduced - but 10 years on, more work needs to be done to make them truly owned by their members.

| | 27 January 2014

Co-operation can drive innovation

Developing economies are showing that co-operation can play a key role in technological and economic innovation

| | 22 January 2014
Close up of UK train ticket on top of banknotes 2008. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Consumers need a single consumer champion

The Government's announcement on 'super complaints' is welcome, but consumers need it to go much further

, | | 19 December 2013

Kezia Dugdale highlights dangers of debt this Christmas

Co-operative Party MSP joined by Santa and the Citizens Advice Bureau at debate on regulation of payday lenders

| | 19 December 2013

A People’s Railway for Scotland

The Co-operative Party calls for the creation of a 'People's Railway', owned by and for the people of Scotland

, | | 5 December 2013

Beyond the Big Six

Energy co-operatives can deliver a better deal for consumers - but to take on the big 6, they need greater support.

| | 3 December 2013

Comment on media speculation

Comment from the Co-operative Party on speculation in this weekend's newspapers.

| | 24 November 2013

What’s missing in the debate on the NHS? People.

There is more to do to create a health service based on genuine mutuality between the professionals and the public.

| | 21 November 2013