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Co-operative Party welcomes plans for ‘people’s railway’

Response to announcement by Mary Creagh MP and James Kelly MSP for a 'new deal' for Britain's railways

Co-operative Party success in influencing Labour policy

At last weekend's National Policy Forum, the Co-operative Party achieved agreement in a number of policy areas.


Making an impact at the National Policy Forum

21 July 2014

This weekend, we've made a real impact- that's thanks to the hard work of Party members and the timeliness of our ideas.

Creating a level playing field for co-operative education

14 July 2014

The Co-operative Party's work on the Deregulation bill is crucial in ensuring that this growing area of the movement has the chance to flourish


Developing Cooperative Councils

A Labour & Co-operative-led Scottish Government would implement the findings of the Devolution Commission to build capacity and knowledge across local government.


The Welsh Government commits to supporting the co-operative economy

26 June 2014

By accepting the recommendations of the Wales Co-operative & Mutuals Commission, the Welsh government is showing a real commitment to a fair, sustainable economy

Update your membership

25 June 2014

Please use the form to update your membership details including your contact details and your membership fee.


Helping credit unions beat the Market

In Haringey, we are helping credit unions do what they do best – beating payday lenders at their own game

Unlocking finance for clean energy

13 May 2014

The government needs to unlock potential of crowdfunding and provide a much needed boost to community energy


Putting Co-operatives at the centre of public procurement

8 May 2014

It's time for Nicola Sturgeon to back up her rhetoric with legislation that puts community co-ops at the heart of Scottish public procurement

NEC Results 2014

8 May 2014

A warm welcome to newly-elected members who will be joining our National Executive Committee in June


Shaping Labour’s 2015 agenda

In the next few months, Co-operative Party members have the opportunity to ensure that people-powered, co-operative solutions are at the heart of the 2015 election manifesto.


Making fan ownership a reality in Scotland

By putting fans in charge, football clubs can make a real difference to the communities they serve

Soldiers from B Company 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh return home to their base in Tidworth.

Give Them Credit

8 April 2014

The creation of an armed forces credit union would improve the availability of affordable financial services to armed forces families. It's time for the MoD to give it proper support.


People Powered Power for Plymouth

7 April 2014

In Plymouth, community energy is freeing people from fuel poverty and the extortion of the Big Six energy companies.