June 2020 – Co-operative Party

The key to Owning the Future

Co-operatives are more resilient and sustainable than conventional business - and driven by their values they have risen to the challenge of this crisis and helped their communities. As we rebuild the economy after Covid-19, co-operatives offer us all a say and a stake in a fairer economy.

I say loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter

This movement and the giants upon whose shoulders it stands paved the way for me and others like me not just to be here, but to hold positions like the one I do as Wales’ Health Minister.

We must tackle the hidden grief crisis with a roadmap to dignity in bereavement

As talk begins of a ‘return to normal’, it’s important that we recognise that for those who have lost loved ones, there is no going back. The Government needs to provide a way forward for those left behind – and to do this, a roadmap to dignity in bereavement is essential.