Archived: 90 years of co-operative values

Since 1917, the Co-operative Party has represented the Co-operative movement at the heart of Labour and of Government. Our 90th Anniversary year in 2007 will be a chance to celebrate our success and to promote new and exciting ideas about co-operation and mutualism.

Archived: Goodbye Leeds

Tonight, at midnight, the UK's oldest independent co-operative society, the Leeds Co-operative Society, will be wound up and its assets transferred to United Co-operatives.

Archived: Post New Year Blues

The government's decision to reject distributing 20% shares to Royal Mail staff is a missed opportunity. The alternative of linking staff bonuses to the value of the company may, in the short term, be of greater value financially to Royal Mail staff, but it will not of itself involve staff in the decisions that will affect them and their pay packets.

Archived: Mutuals are the way forward for tossers too

There has been much comment on the Conservative Party's labeling of the general population as 'tossers'. And, yes, it is misjudged, utterly cringeworthy and frankly ridiculous from the Party that has championed consumerism, profiteering and economic freedom for the individual. Even the mention of credit unions as a source of assistance does not make up for this exercise in shameless opportunism out of an important issue.

Archived: Balls to modernise

The Government has today announced that it is to undertake a complete review of co-operatives legislation, the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts and the Credit Unions Act.

Archived: Ownership matters

As Thames Water is taken over by yet another faceless corporation, Hutton is right to question why this has gone by without discussion, when who owns our utilities and services makes such a difference to their corporate culture and ultimately to the service they provide to their consumers and the community in which they are based.