Food Justice Campaign

James Butler
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25th March 2019
Last updated:
5th May 2019
25th July 2024
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The Co-op Party has launched its campaign for food justice. This briefing is about how councillors and candidates can get involved to deliver food justice and raise the profile of food poverty.

The causes of food poverty are rooted in our dysfunctional economy which no longer provides a fair days pay for a fair days work, the broken housing market, Universal Credit, the bedroom tax, the benefits cap and freeze and of course austerity.

Achieving food justice and tackling hunger is a huge endeavour and is certainly one which is far beyond what councillors and the Co-operative Party can achieve alone. But there are practical steps at a local level which can make a difference, and they are actions which individuals can do to ensure that food poverty remains in the public eye.

Action within councils
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Keep food poverty in the news
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James Butler

Campaigns Officer