NEC Update – Winter 2023

Karen Wilkie
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11th December 2023
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11th December 2023
16th April 2024
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This newsletter updates officers and activists on the work of the NEC. Please share this with your members but remember that this is an internal document, not to be shared externally or on social media.

The NEC met in Birmingham on 25 November for the second of their ‘in-person’ meetings of the annual cycle.  The main focus of this meeting was to receive a detailed report from the General Secretary on the Party’s work in 2023 and the key priorities for 2024, in line with the Party’s Strategic Objectives and Strategic Plan 2022-24.

The priority for the Party in 2024 will be the election of Labour and Co-operative MPs in the General Election, although the exact date for that is still unknown.

Following a discussion, the NEC agreed the Budget 2024.

NEC Members
New Affiliations to the Party
Strategic Priorities & Budget
Rule Changes
General Secretary's Report
Strategic Objective: Support the election of co-operators at all levels of government
Strategic Objective: Enable the Delivery of Co-operative Solutions Locally, Regionally and Nationally
Strategic Objective: Inspire and educate our audiences about the achievements and potential of the co-operative movement.
Strategic Objective: Have an engaged, diverse and growing individual and organisational membership that values the Party and its work
Strategic Objective: Ensure the Party is organisationally and financially sustainable
Westminster Parliamentary Report
Recruitment & Membership
Contacting the NEC
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Karen Wilkie, Board Secretary

Karen Wilkie

NEC Update – Winter 2023