Kipper ties to co-ops

The Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Bill was once again discussed in the House of Lords before passing its final Commons stage.

Bill soon to be an Act

The Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Bill is approaching the final stage to be passed into building society law.

Northern Rot

The likely disappearance of the Northern Rock from our high streets in the months to come is a troubling matter, and an ironic one too.

2007, the Summer of Co-operation (review)

Today Ed Balls spoke at a Co-operative Party event in Parliament to launch a consultation document for the Review of the GB cooperative and credit union legislation. Co-operators will now be spending their Summer responding to the consultation document and anticipating long overdue changes to legislation.

Bills and Balls

Today saw the successful report stage and third reading of the Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Bill - formerly the Financial Mutuals Arrangements Bill.

Mutuals care more about the environment

In the recent Budget, Gordon Brown promoted green mortgages, as pioneered by the Co-operative Bank, the Ecology Building Society and the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society. These mortgages are either only for green properties or include carbon offsetting costs.

The real costs of demutualisation

In their 2006 report, 'Windfalls or Shortfalls? The true cost of demutualisation', the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Building Societies & Financial Mutuals reported that mutuals performed better than their plc rivals in a variety of performance indicators.

Archived: Mutuals are the way forward for tossers too

There has been much comment on the Conservative Party's labeling of the general population as 'tossers'. And, yes, it is misjudged, utterly cringeworthy and frankly ridiculous from the Party that has championed consumerism, profiteering and economic freedom for the individual. Even the mention of credit unions as a source of assistance does not make up for this exercise in shameless opportunism out of an important issue.

Archived: Balls to modernise

The Government has today announced that it is to undertake a complete review of co-operatives legislation, the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts and the Credit Unions Act.