LGBTQ+ Co-operators – Co-operative Party

LGBTQ+ Co-operators Council

The Council is elected by LGBTQ+ members of the Co-operative Party. The current members will serve until 2024:

  • Ben Archell
  • Pauline Bacon
  • Jane Cameron
  • Leonie Cooper
  • Dave Griffiths¬†(Secretary)
  • Ashley Halstead¬†(Chair & NEC Rep)
  • Angela Hopkins
  • Tom Laing
  • Ben Molyneux
  • Ruby Nation
  • Oliver Probert-Hill
  • Ava Rowell
  • Antony Tucker

Join the Network

The Network is open to all members who identify as LGBTQ+.

To receive updates and invites from the Network you need to update your Equalities information - click here to tell us you identify as LGBTQ+.

LGBTQ+ Co-operators is open for all LGBTQ+ members of the Co-operative Party.

We aim to:

  • Encourage LGBTQ+ people to become active members of the Co-operative Party
  • Support the promotion of more LGBTQ+ candidates internally in the Co-operative Party and for public office at all levels
  • Campaign for full legal and social equality for LGBTQ+ people
  • Facilitate engagement between LGBTQ+ people in all parts of the co-operative movement to support appropriate practical and policy responses to the needs of LGBTQ+ communities

We are developing a programme of support, training, development, campaigning and social activities. Please get in touch if you would like to help us or to become a member of the group email, like our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter to join in the discussion.

We also encourage you to check out our LGBTQ+ Policy Document 2021. Thank you to our Council member, Ashley, for all his work on this. Our Council will be working towards these goals during the year with the guidance of our members. Let us know what you think via our feedback form. It's essential that people across the spectrum of our community has a say in what we do, and that nobody feels left behind. A meaningful consensus can only be achieved by giving every member a voice, so please, be sure to make yourself heard.


Reports from LGBTQ+ NEC Rep

To read reports from Ashley Halstead, the LGBTQ+ representative on the Co-operative Party's NEC, click the links below.

NEC AGM Report, July 2023

Plymouth pride 2017